Fiction Books

When I was a teenager, I used to read only non-fiction books. Because at that time, I felt that reading fiction books were like wasting time.  But recently, I have learned that reading fiction books will provide space for our mind to relax; and lots of health benefits.  So if you want to relax, read fiction books.

If you are in the IT industry like me, then reading non-fiction is important as it will develop your technical skills.  But don’t forget to read fiction books as well.

The next problem would be where you can find time to read despite of the busy schedule. Here what I usually do to increase the number of books to read:

  1. I always carry my e-book (Kindle Paperwhite) whenever I go.
  2. I read every morning before starting to work.
  3. I read few pages before going to bed.
  4. I seldom watch TV.
  5. I open my FB once a week.

Fiction I’ve read in Nov 2017:

  • If Tomorrow Comes (Sidney Sheldon)
  • Tell Me Your Dreams (Sidney Sheldon)
  • Finding Audrey (Sophie Kinsella)

Currently Reading:

  • Range of Angels (Sidney Sheldon)
  • Writing Down the Bones (Natalie Goldberg) (non-fiction)


Hi I’m Alvin, the technical writer, systems specialist/analyst, programmer and artist sometimes.  I’m not starting this blog to discuss work related.  This blog is only for enjoyment of sharing my knowledge and interests in books, writing, arts, sports, travel and things I am excited about with you.  Yes, I do write almost everyday in the office but those are manuals, technical specifications, system designs, procedures and the like.  But my objective to this blog is to have regular writing activity outside work. 

Okay, let’s start the journey together.